About Gerd Knops

Born in Germany just after Juri Gagarin first orbited Earth in Vostok 1, I have always been fascinated with Technology. As a kid I played with My First Computer, a toy that taught simple digital logic using a bunch of switches, cross-connections and lights. Got my first programming experiences in the mid 70’s on our schools Wang computer. My first ‘real computer’ was a Texas Instruments TI-94/A, then a Sinclair ZX81. The first truly serious computer was a TRS-80 clone, which led to the start of my Computer Consulting business in 1981, known as Knops EDV Anlagen.

In 1994 I married and we moved to Minnesota, where through my company BITart Consulting I continue to work as a consultant, predominantly on Linux and OS X.

Besides computers I love Music (purely as consumer), Woodworking and Photography. I am an avid observer of the Formula 1 scene, and have also been known to watch NASCAR races.