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Oak Root Vase

Friday, April 1st, 2005

DSC01980.JPG This vase was my first attempt at a hollow form. It was made from a chuck of Oak root, near to the trunk. That Oak was felled in the neighborhood, and I was allowed to take some of the less desirable (in terms of firewood that is) pieces. That particular part was quite spongy and light, I did not expect to be able to do much with it but will try everything at least once. To my surprise it actually turned out quite nice, with interesting figure and a bit of spalting going on. Never say never!

I drilled the center out, but then only hollowed it about half-way so that it would retain some weight in the bottom. It is sanded down to 600 grid, then finished with some Hut PPP finish. The flower was made by my niece Erica from paper and pipe cleaners, and works quite nicely with that vase.