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Beall 3-On Lathe Buffing System

Wednesday, August 10th, 2005


While on special at Woodcraft I picked up the Beall 3-On Lathe Buffing System. I liked the idea of having all buffing wheels right there next to each other without having to change tools. I had never buffed my turnings before, so I was pretty amazed what a shine this simple device can create. For my taste using the third wheel with the Carnauba Wax creates even a bit too much of a sheen, though my wife likes it.

In general the system works well, though one really has to hold on to the wood. The wheels really like to grab it and fling it across the room. For larger pieces the wheels are a bit close together and get in the way. And obviously the wheels will not get into the inside of bowls or boxes, I guess for that I’ll have to look for alternatives like the bowl buffs. Lastly sometimes it is a bit hard to get the mandrel out of the lathe, the taper really likes to jam in there.

Had I to do it again I probably would look for the individual wheels.