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Cherry Boxes

Monday, October 10th, 2005

DSC02324.JPG DSC02325.JPG

Back then in my entry about my first Cherry Box I mentioned that I since had buffed it and also made some more. The old now buffed box is visible on the right of the first photo, the other box is one of the new ones. The wall thickness is 1/8” throughout, it also was buffed.

Rockler Polyurethane Satin Gel Finish

Monday, October 3rd, 2005

In a couple of forums turners were remarking on the great results of Rockler’s new Polyurethane Satin Gel Finish. Now I had tried an oil & Urethane blend before on some turnings and was not impressed. I had hoped that the oil component would make the finish get into the wood a bit. But I found that it was hard to apply evenly, it had the on the wood feel of PU typical finishes, and if anything the oil made it cure much slower. So my expectations were not high, but respecting the opinions of my fellow turners I decided to try it anyway.

I am glad I did! In a first attempt I used it to finish a simple Pine Bowl of the lathe. The bowl was sanded to 400 grid on the lathe. I then took it off and applied the first coat of the gel finish. It was very easy to apply an even thin coat. After drying overnight I gave it a light sanding with 600 grid and applied a second coat, repeating the process with a third coat. I was rewarded with a very thin but even and hard satin finish. And it does not have the on the wood look at all.

Some turners also remarked that it can be buffed. I will have to try that soon.

Pine Bowl

Monday, October 3rd, 2005

DSC02320.JPG DSC02321.JPG

This bowl, approximately 6” in diameter, was made from some pine log from the neighbor’s firewood pile (thanks Tom!). The walls are about 3/16” thick, and just slightly thicker at the rim of the bottom. I sanded it through 600 grid and finished it of the lathe with 3 coats of Rockler’s Polyurethane Gel, lightly sanding with 600 grid in between.