About Gerd’s Shop Notes

I always had an affinity for wood. Of course growing up in Germany, solid wood is scarce and expensive. But here in the USA wood is much more plentiful, and I rediscovered my love for it.

Enter woodturning. Woodturning is a highly addictive hobby. Materials are plentiful, just listen for the sound of a chain saw. And many nice woodturning projects take no more than a couple of hours from start to finish, though of course one can spend weeks on something like an intricate segmented turning.

And woodturning gives me a chance to do something creative with my hands, a nice counter-balance to working on the computer all day.

It all began when I took a pen turning class at Rockler, sometime mid 2003. I never really considered turning before, and the only reason I took the class was because lathes were a bit of a mystery to me and I waned to know more about them. And the chance to make my own pencil. Love my pencils! And as any woodturner knows, that is all it takes. From there on it was a slippery slope. A few months later I got a lathe (cheap Harbor Freight Lathe, $165 on sale, I still was pretending I wasn’t hooked). Turning tools. Grinder. Dedicated shop space. Chuck. More turning tools. And now I finally joined the Minnesota Woodturners Association (why didn’t I do that sooner?).

These pages are mostly a means for me to keep some notes. But if you find something you like, all the better! Thanks for having a look.

Gerd Knops